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Les Marques

Les Marques

TechT-IME Education C&P

  T-IME Education C&P 
  • Representative : Gilho Lee 
  • Address : 442, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, ROK 
  • Contact Number : +82-2-590-9820 
  • E-mail : danny.kang@t-ime.com 


■ Company introduction

  T-IME Education C&P is leading the way in pioneering the global education market including Southeast Asia, with excellent educational content which is developed based on Edu-tech. We research, develop, and distribute mathematical/scientific teaching manipulatives that can be learned online or offline from preschoolers to elementary school students. Also, for students’ creativity and artistic talents, we also distribute digital contents. Currently, we have expanded to at least 10 countries in Southeast Asia, as well as markets in America and Europe.

■ Item / Brand introduction

VR WARE Edu StoryBuilder

  StoryBuilder is a digital content that allows children to edit their own plot, compose their own story, and draw their own illustrations based on world-famous fairy tales. Through the process of editing and constructing the content, they can develop language skills, creativity, imagination, and communication skills. Particularly, students who dream of becoming content creators can practice creating their own works. In addition, we provide a table that can be paired with our proprietary curriculum.


  Modumak (which means “Music for All” in Korean) is an application-based service that utilizes various contents and IT technology to help individuals learn music on their own, anytime and anywhere. The service offers 1:1 video lesson using videos, sheet music/textbooks, and apps/websites to provide effective feedback and continuous motivation. Additionally, the service offers interest-based group music lessons taught by Modumak instructors, providing a sustainable music community where individuals can share diverse musical experiences. Currently, the service offers approximately 4,400 VOD lessons, 220 e-books, and music textbooks. Based on the popularity of K-POP and excellent education technology in Korea, there are plans for global expansion.

KOREA EXPOㅣComité d'organisation de l'Expo de Corée

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KOREA EXPO ㅣ Comité d'organisation du Korea Expo

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