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Les Marques

Les Marques

ContentDesign Silver Fish Co., Ltd.

  Design Silver Fish Co., Ltd. 
  • Representative : Gyeongtae Hong 
  • Address : 90-4, Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, ROK 
  • Contact Number : +82-2-3444-2208 
  • E-mail : tey.hong@gmail.com 


■ Company introduction

  Design Silverfish is a company which sinulates space and digital media contents complexly. We interpert the space and suggest the best way for display the space with proper concept. Now, we domestically have top technology in digital media field. We will always keep challenging the creative project with plenty of experience and knowledge for steady rising.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Dynamic Seoul

  The bustle of Seoul in a clear midday, The light at night is filled with people life and city space.


Seoul Story

  The Story in Seoul shows the past, present, and future of Seoul and Korea. And in there, is unique street, dynamic potential, the beautiful culture of and more.

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