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Les Marques

Les Marques


  • Representative : Busik Jang
  • Address : 476, Hojukhwasan-ro, Oksan-myeon, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, ROK
  • Contact Number : +82-43-212-8522
  • E-mail : amablejin@naver.com


■ Company introduction

  CNABIOTECH is a manufacturer specializing in collagen peptide and produces from various raw materials of animal, fish and vegetable.

  We have molecular weight control technology, and we produce collagen peptides with an average molecular weight between 300-1,000 Da.

  This technology can be applied not only to fish collagen but also to animal and plant collagen.

■ Item / Brand introduction

Vegetable collagen
(Amino Acid Peptide)
  Vegetable collagen which is composed of glycoprotein contains various plant-derived components(antioxidant, anti-aging etc.) in addition to protein that make up collagen.
  It is a product that can be easily absorbed into the human body by processing it with a material with a molecular weight of about 500-600Da using an enzyme.

Marin Collagen Peptide

  It is a collagen peptide product derived from fish scales and skins, mainly derived from type 1 collagen. It mainly helps skin health, is easily absorbed by the human body as it is low-molecular, and is safe for animal product allergies.

  Depending on the molecular weight, it is divided into Collagen Peptide-SP (<1,000 Da), Collagen Tripeptide-S100 (500-600 Da),  Nano collagen (<400 Da) and Collagen Dipeptide-F300Da(<300 Da).

Animal Collagen Peptide

  Collagen peptides derived from animals. It is extracted from cows and chickens and is a low-molecular-weight agent by enzymes. Bovine-derived products are low-molecular-weight collagen derived from type 1 collagen, which is commonly sold.

  However, chicken-derived products are low-molecular-weight collagen derived from type 2 collagen extracted from cartilage, which is helpful for cartilage or bone health. 

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